About Us

Here at Operation: Zero Waste, we believe that information is the key to battling climate change.

That’s why we offer free access to our resources.

Because only together will we be able to save our planet.

Our History

Operation: Zero Waste was created by Pranali Ashara, a Girl Scout who is working on her Gold Award. She saw  the effect that food waste has on our environment, and wanted to create an outlet to actively fight against this  growing epidemic; Operation: Zero Waste is that outlet.

Our Vision

Operation: Zero Waste is an organization dedicated to providing education to students and adults alike on the subject of reducing their waste and combatting climate change. By encouraging students to create Food Rescue programs, Operation: Zero Waste hopes to empower the next generation of individuals.

Our Future

We are currently a small organization, but we are hoping that the information on this website has no limits and reaches as many as it can. By allowing everyone to access its resources, Operation: Zero Waste is fighting climate change from the front lines.


Pranali Ashara





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