In order to save our planet, we have to reduce our food waste

to combat the effects of climate change.

Below are some methods that you can use!

Check out Food Waste for more information about these methods.


Buy Only What You Need

Refrain from buying in bulk. Although the prices may seem cheaper, you are more likely to waste the extra amount that you have bought, therefore costing you money.


Composting is when your food waste is turned into healthy soil through biodegration. Simply place your kitchen scraps in a household compost barrel or in a curbside composting service barrel.

Buy Local & Seasonal

Try to purchase produce which is in season. This ensures that your produce is fresh, cheaper, and uses less food miles.

Buy Ugly Produce

Ugly produce is produce that does not look like its conventional counterparts. By purchasing ugly produce, you are saving it from being thrown away by supermarkets.

Food Rescue

Create a Food Rescue Program. A Food Rescue program is a program where students are encouraged to donate their packaged lunch items to someone in need.

Save Leftovers

Make sure you eat your leftovers. Try saving food in clear containers so you know exactly what is in your fridge. This ensures that they are used and do not end up in the trash.

Freeze Everything

By freezing leftovers, and excess produce, you can extend their lives. It also provides you with an opportunity for an easy meal in the future!

Pack Lunch

Instead of going out to eat, or having your kids buy lunch, pack a homemade meal instead. This reduces your carbon footprint and can be a way to use all of those leftovers that you have.

Food Rescue

Interetsed in creating your own Food Rescue Program?

Check out the Food Rescue page, which describes a program that can benefit so many schools!

Food Rescue

 Food Rescue is a program that attempts to bridge the gap between food waste and food insecurity. It is a program in which students are encouraged to donate their unopened food packages to someone who needs it during lunch. The saved food will then be donated to a food pantry. The program can be implemented in any school, regardless of age. The program requires the cooperation of students, faculty, and volunteers, but it is a satisfying experience for those who partake in it. Plus, it is a great method to reduce the amount of food waste in your community!
Click the link on the picture to the left for more information and some tools to create your own Food Rescue program in your school today!



Tons of Food

added to

landfills each year



for a head of lettuce

to decompose

in a landfill



food being wasted

per person

per year



People are starving


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